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Our luxe faux eyelashes will enhance your beauty look in just a few minutes and can last between 20 to 40 wears. XoXo Kalani Luxury Lashes look incredible and they are safe to wear. Shop our styles now!

Benefits Of Lash Extensions

  • If you want to increase the volume and the length of your eyelashes, then one
    of the best options you will consider is using false eyelashes.
  • Extensions are versatile. This means that you can quickly wear them for any occasion. Whether you are going to a board meeting a holiday party or a night out, you are in control of how dramatic you want your look to be.
  • Did we mention that you also get up to 25 wears from each pair of lashes when properly cared for and each order comes with a FREE applicator tweezer and brush kit?

We Give Back

XoXo Kalani is all about spreading love and you get to be a part of that tool A portion of each sale goes directly towards filling backpacks with items that our homeless need to make daily living a little easier. Beauty comes from within and we are dedicated to spreading love not only through our products but by showing our homeless brothers and sisters that we care. We are very passionate about our mission and we are grateful for your help.

How To Care For Your Lashes

  1.  Always be gentle with Mink lashes.
  2. Clean with gentle baby shampoo.
  3. Always store in the case in the form the lashes arrived in to maintain the best shape.
  4. We recommend avoiding the use of mascara as it will make your lashes clumpy and hard to clean.

Removing Your Lashes

  1. Choose Any Type Of Skin-safe Oil That You Like. Examples Are Baby Oil, Coconut Oil Or Olive Oil.
  2. Dampen Your Eyes With Warm Water.
  3. Rub A Small Amount Of The Oil Into The Lash Line With Your Fingers. Let It Sit For 1 Minute.
  4. Once The Eyelashes Loosen It Is Safe To Gently Remove The Lashes.
  5. Once You Take Off The False Eyelashes, Wash Your Face To Remove The Oil.
  6. Never Pull The Lashes Off Without Allowing The Adhesive To Loosen Up. You Will Damage Your Natural Lashes If You Do Not Remove Them Properly.
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