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XoXo Kalani, LLC was founded by Charmaine Nichelle who served in the United States Army, has graced both international and domestic magazines, is a mom of three, a wife, and entrepreneur, and has a loving heart dedicated to helping the homeless.

Our company passionately focuses on addressing the needs. of men, women, and children experiencing homelessness by purchasing and filling backpacks with much-needed basics that will help make their situation a little less complicated.

By donating a portion of every purchase towards our mission we are able to partner with our customers and help bless those in need. It takes a village to make a change. Join us today and help us bless someone in need.

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Are the lashes comfortable to wear?
XoXo Kalani Luxury Faux Mink Lashes are light-weight and comfortable to wear because the fibres are softer and lighter, and naturally carry a beautiful curl.
Do I have to curl the lashes with a lashes curler?
XoXo Kalani Luxury Faux Mink Lashes have good flexibility and don’t lose their shape and the curl is permanent and there is no need to curl them once they’re applied.Their curl effect remains even if they get wet, which is another great advantage of our faux mink eyelashes.
How many times can I wear the lashes?
One of the best things about XoXo Kalani Luxury Faux Mink Lashes is that they can be worn multiple times. How many times you will reuse your false eyelashes depends on how properly you will take care of them, however, our clients have stated that they have gotten anywhere between 20 and up to 40 wears using our lashes!
Will the lashes irritate my eyes?

The comfort and the smooth, natural design of XoXo Kalani Luxury Faux Mink Lashes makes them extremely comfortable to wear. You don’t have to worry about your skin getting irritated as you might with other types of lashes. If you are going for a natural look, there is no better choice than our faux mink lashes and we have styles that create the perfect dramatic look for a night out on the town.

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