3D Style: Flawless


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XoXo Kalani's Flawless style cruelty free mink lashes are designed with a criss-cross pattern and a mixture of straight thick and thin strips for a glamorous yet natural appearance. The ultra fluffy texture gives you a sultry 3D effect that will make your eyes the center of attention.

Flawless 2021

With Kalani's flawless style faux mink eyelashes get a super voluminous eye look at your big event. They have a criss cross pattern to get your desired cat look on every occasion like special events, wedding, birthday bash, party or night outs. These 3d lashes look stunning on every eye shape. These fluffy eyelashes are designed to give you a super dramatic, natural, sexy eye look. These are made of 100% real mink hair, so you get a natural glamorous eye look. These are super comfortable and easy to wear. These are hypoallergenic so they won't harm your eyes. You will get plenty of wear out of them. With a small price of $9.00 you can but these cruelty-free and super long lashes that would make you the center of attention. These xoxo kalani’s flawless style eye lashes make a great impact on your eyes, making them look more attractive and aesthetic, so wear them before your big event.  These can be used for daily life, as they are not easy to drop and you can get a perfect balance with them. These are designed thick and long but you can trim them according to your needs.these faux mink lashes are highly recommended for professionals or beginners, as they are simple to use.



Do these faux mink lashes stick all day long?

Yes, these are absolutely perfect and stick all day long to your eyes. They won't drop off easily.

Does it come with glue?

No, these don't come with lash glue. But you buy glue of any brand for these faux mink lashes.