3D Style: Naughty Nicki


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XoXo Kalani's 3D Mink Strip Eyelashes are perfect for adding glam to your look. They are lightweight, look very natural, comfortable, and easy to wear. Get up to 25 wears with our cruelty free faux mink lashes. 

Naughty Nicki 2021

Get a natural 3D look with Kalani's Naughty Nicki style eyelashes. These lashes are cruelty free hypoallergenic, so are absolutely safe for your eyes. Get a glamorous sexy eye look with these super comfortable lashes. Use them on your big event to be the center of attention. These are designed by professionals to give you a cat-eye look at weddings, parties, birthday bash. Outings or even on your date. For a naturally fuller lash to give you full length and proper volume that gradually increases from the inner eye to the outer edge. They won't drop off easily. Keep wearing them all day long. These 3D faux mink lashes are made with 100% faux mink hair to give your eyes extra volume and length. These flawless eyelashes cost you only $9.00 and give you a fabulous look, making you an alluring lady for your party.  These lashes come with an eyelash applicator tool as well. These 3d wispy long lashes will look stunning on every eye shape. You can get 25 wears out of these high-quality faux mink lashes.

They give you a natural look with the criss-cross arrangement of mink hair and a glamorous look with the blend of straight thick and thin strips.


How long do these last?

These lashes can last upto weeks, but remember to clean off the glue after each use. So these mink hair won't stick together.

Can I use mascara on them?

Yes if you want a more voluminous look for your eyes you can use a mascara on them. This won't cause any damage to its quality.