XoXo Kalani, LLC started out with humble beginnings. We were originally named Kalani's Kinky Hair Boutique and provided both full lace wigs and eyelashes but quickly realized that our eyelashes were the hottest and most requested products. So, we shifted our focus solely on Faux Mink Eyelashes and our customers love it!  We still offer wigs, but our most popular items are our lashes!

Growing from what started out as a super small business in the basement of the owner's home, to one of the beauty industry's most popular eyelashes brands in the country, we consistently provide top quality, reliable eyelashes to all of our customers. However, what sets us apart from many of our competitors, is that we have consistently maintained a consumer-centric viewpoint, despite our size. This means that for customers, we are the perfect choice because we provide a large and diverse selection that you would find at one of our competitors, while also having the personalized attention and details that you would likely find at a smaller boutique. Accessibility to affordable luxury cosmetics with top notch customer service is what XoXo Kalani is all about.

XoXo Kalani provides hundreds of different types of faux mink eyelash extensions for all people. People of all races and genders, those who have survived cancer, or those with thinning or no eyelashes, people who simply enjoy being glamorous daily, and for special events such as weddings, baby showers, and corporate events are just some examples of where our lashes can be worn.

Our eyelashes are meticulously designed with the highest quality faux mink. Although our products are high end we make sure that they remain affordable for everyone to be able to enjoy. 

This establishment of trust is an integral component of our success because it ensures that our customers are able to always tell us when we need improvement in some way. We are always listening to consumer wants and needs. We are able to consistently respond to the needs of consumers in this way. Therefore, no request is too small for us, as we believe that listening to our consumers will help to ensure that we are always able to be effective and provide the perfect wigs for you.

We believe that our diversity is our strength, and this philosophy has led to us developing a massive collection of different eyelashes that you can use to create your own signature look. XoXo Kalani puts the needs of their customer first which means that we are devoted to ensuring that our customers are happy and this means we make contacting us simple by providing access to our staff via email at: XoXo@xoxokalani.com 24 hours a day 7 days a week.