Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1.  How long will it take me to receive my order? 

It will take 3-7 days for your order to process. The processing time is in place to ensure that every customer's payment was indeed submitted by you and not as the result of your credit or debit card being in the wrong hands. XoXo Kalani takes pride in our customer payment verification process and wants every customer to know they can trust our methods when processing payments.  We are 100% against fraudulent activity and take such crimes seriously.  Once your order has been confirmed we will then begin the inspection process followed by the packaging of your hair which takes approximately 1-2 business days. Your package will then be shipped and should be received within 10-14 days after placing your order. Custom orders take an additional 14-20 days depending on the specifications of the order. Inclement weather, incorrect address, and returned payments delay this process of regular orders and no order will ship until the necessary corrections have been made.

*If there is ever a delay as the result of something that occurred on our end we will always notify you. We strive to please our customers, believe in transparency, and truly appreciate your business. 

*Rush orders are an additional cost and if you have a special event coming up we highly recommend that you place your order at least two weeks prior to your event.

2.  What carrier service do you use to deliver packages?

XoXo Kalani ships worldwide. Therefore, we utilize DHL, UPS, FedEx, and USPS depending on your location. All shipments are handled with care and sent as a priority shipment to ensure a safe and timely arrival. 

3.   How do I know what hair texture is right for me?

The texture of the hair you decide upon will be determined by the overall look you are going for. Think of it like this, if you want a sleek, relaxed look the a silky texture is what you should be shopping for. If you want a natural look, you will want to consider a kinky hair texture. Do not be afraid of the term "kinky", as it has been highly misunderstood. Kinky textured hair is beautiful and provides an extremely natural blown out hair look. When you apply heat to kinky textured hair it will appear silky while still retaining a more natural look and feel. We highly recommend going with the texture that makes you feel the most beautiful and confident. Both textures are simply gorgeous!  

3.  Are all of your wigs and bundles human hair?

Yes. XoXo Kalani takes pride in the quality of our hair and we feel confident that you as the customer will agree.  Our human hair full lace wigs are extremely versatile and they can be washed, conditioned, and flat ironed/curled as you would your own hair. 

4.  How long will your hair last?

Our wigs are made to last for 12 months and wehen extremely cared for can last over a year. If the wig/hair is not chemically altered with hair dyes and other agents that ultimately change the overall quality of the hair and the hair is gently washed, conditioned, and air dried then you can absolutely expect to have longevity with our products.

*Please be advised that lite shedding of the wig/hair is normal and should be expected with lite brushing and or combing. You must use a wide tooth comb and when brushing never brush hard as this increases the chances of pulling the hair away from the lace which causes the shedding. 

5.  Do I need to bleach the knots on the lace?

Our silk lace wigs do not require bleaching knots. This is the most natural looking type of lace and is the most popular because of the fact that it can literally be worn right out of the box all while appearing to grow from your own scalp. Our Swiss lace wigs do not require bleaching, however, bleaching of the knots on our Swiss lace wigs can be done. We want you to know that any time you apply chemicals including bleach and hair dye that this increases the chances of weakening the lace structure and excess shedding of the hair and the potential to tear the lace increases dramatically. With that said, silk lace requires no bleaching which in return increases the life of your wig and although bleaching the Swiss lace can be done, we do not recommend it. 

6.  Will the wave and curl pattern return after I straighten the hair?

Yes, the wave and curl pattern will return after you straighten or curl the wig using a heat process (flat iron or curling iron).  Please be advised that the wave or curl pattern may appear to be looser than it was originally after the use of heat. 

If you use a chemical method to straighten or curl your wig, we cannot determine if the original pattern will return and therefore, we do not recommend it. 

7. What if I am not satisfied with my order? 

XoXo Kalani strives to ensure that your order arrives exactly how you expect it. However, in the rare case that you may not be completely satisfied with your order we do have options in place. We would like for you to contact us first to resolve any issues. We would like to offer you an opportunity to exchange your product. We will are also happy to accommodate returns of the wigs that have NOT been cut, tampered, or altered in any way. Human hair wigs are a hygienic product and we hold matters of hygiene and public safety high and DO NOT ALLOW used items to be returned for the overall health and safety of all of our customers. Please refer to our Exchanges/Returns/Repairs policies for more details.

8.  This is my first time wearing a wig. How do I secure it? 

Many of XoXo Kalani’s wigs are glue-less which means that they can be worn and secured with the combs that come pre-attached to the inside of the wigs.  If you desire to use wig tape or glue as a means of extra securing of your wig then we highly recommend that you apply these things by following the instructions that come along with the product of your choice. 

9.  What’s your Natural Color? Is that similar to color #1B?

No, all the Natural Color hair is from one donor, they are in their natural state. Different donor have different hair color so the natural color is vary from color #1b to color #2.(Dark Brown to Brown)

10.  Do your wigs have come pre-plucked with baby hair?

Yes, all of our wigs have baby hair around the front of the wig and the nape of the neck.  In regards to pre-plucked hairlines, we ship our wigs in the most natural form possible. Because everyone has a different taste in plucking we do not alter our wigs and allow the plucking to be determined by the customer. If you decide to pluck your wig's perimeter we recommend having a highly experienced stylist perform this for you. 

*Please be advised that we do not accept returns.