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XoXo Kalani's lashes are constructed with the highest level of detail. They are lightweight and sit perfectly along the eyelash line for comfortable all-day wear. Kalani's Klassy style 3D faux mink lashes provide volume yet mimics the natural lash formation. The fullness of this style of lashes ensures your eyes are the focal point.

Klassy Lashes 2021

Klassy eyelashes are made with 100% real mink hair to give volume to your lashes. The perfectly designed intricate pattern is constructed with the highest level of detail to give you an extra dose of volume and breath-taking elongation. Klassy eyelashes would suit you well and would exactly fit to the shape of your eyes. If you are in search of a perfect set of eyelashes that you can wear to your wedding, hang out, party or even on a date then klassy eyelashes are the best choice for you. You will undoubtedly love these super comfortable eyelashes, that are designed to give you a glamorous and natural look on your big event. These are handmade cruelty free hypoallergenic faux mink lashes and give a perfect blend of a natural and dramatic look. It has a clear band and is easy to apply. And are made with soft, smooth texture so are comfortable for all-day wear. Kalani’s klassy style ensures that your eyes are at the focal point. These lashes will sublimate any smoky eyes or bold liner. For only $6 you can buy these super comfortable lashes that are worth the price for their quality, comfort, and the number of times you can get wear out of them. If kept with proper care you can reuse them up to 20 times.



Do kalani’s klassy eyelashes come with a soft band?

Yes, the band of these lashes is soft and super manageable. They can be easily bent as they are soft and show no stiffness.

What is this style of lashes good for?

The style of Kalani's klassy is good for any occasion like wedding, parties, hangouts or any event. Even they are good for everyday use.