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XoXo Kalani's 3D Mink Strip Eyelashes are perfect for adding glam to your look. They are lightweight, look very natural, comfortable, and easy to wear. Get up to 25 wears with our cruelty free faux mink lashes.  

Breezy Lashes 2021

Kalani’s breezy eyelashes are made with 100% real mink hair to give volume to your lashes. These are handmade cruelty free hypoallergenic faux mink lashes and give a perfect blend of a natural and dramatic look. These eyelashes are designed by skilled professionals to give an elegant look to you. These lashes are made with a super comfortable band specifically designed for special events, important meetings, get-together and even are ideal for everyday use. These faux mink lashes are designed with clusters that overlap each other to give you a gorgeous and sexy look. These 3d wispy long lashes will look stunning on every eye type. Even if you have an almond eye shape, literally the lashes will work for these shapes or if you have hooded eyes, these lashes will give you a detailed fine look. Get a natural lush look with only $6. These Kalani's breezy eyelashes will give you about 25 wears if kept with proper care. You can trim them according to the shape and needs of your eyes. With these dramatic eyelashes, you can boost the volume of your eyes just in seconds. They are easy to use and do not drop off easily. They are extremely light in weight so you can wear them all day long.



How long do these last?

These lashes can last upto weeks, but remember to clean off the glue after each use. So this mink hair won't stick together.

Do they weigh heavy on eyelids?

No, they are highly light in weight and super comfortable to wear for daily use and party wear.