Drama Kween 5D Mink Lashes


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Kalani's 5D Mink Strip Eyelashes are perfect for adding a sense of boldness and undeniable confidence to your style. They are light weight, have a dramatic look, are very comfortable, and easy to wear. Trim to your desired length if preferred. 

  • Kalani's 5D mink lashes are meticulously crafted by hand to create a unique and natural effect that uniquely enhances every eye shape.
  • Kalani's lashes provide a light, soft, fluffy and ultimately more dramatic look.
  • Incredibly light-weight when wearing the lashes, without sheen for a beautiful, dramatic look.
  • Since the lash strands are ultra-fine and tapered, they hold a beautiful curl, and they are virtually undetectable from your natural lashes once applied.
  • It’s very durable and you can wear them for up to 25 times or more with proper maintenance and care.