Klassy Kalani


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Our Klassy Kalani style is a medium volume faux mink strip lashes. You will obtain a glamorous yet natural, classy, enhancement to your eyes. The lashes pattern gives you a sultry 3D effect that will make your eyes the center of attention.

Klassy kalani style Lashes 2021

Klassy kalani style are faux mink lashes, that are designed very fine, soft and silky to give a natural appearance to enhance the charm of your eyes. Now you don't need to apply mascara to boost your lashes, with these 3d faux mink lashes your eyelashes would now give a glamorous natural look without looking like you are wearing something on them. These long Klassy kalani style eyelashes are fluttery lashes that are easy to apply and even are long-wearing. The texture is really smooth and natural-looking. These are light in weight so you wont feel anything extra on your lids. These super comfortable faux eyelashes give a medium volume to your real lashes. You will get plenty of wear out of them. With a small price of $6.00 you can buy these cruelty-free and super long lashes that would make you the center of attention for everyone. These Klassy Kalani style eyelashes make a great impact on your eyes, making them look more attractive and aesthetic, so wear them before your big event. These super-eyelashes won't lose their curl even if you wet them with water. These eyelashes are designed by skilled professionals to give an elegant look to you.



Are these lashes a one time use?

you can get 10-15 wears out of them. Even you can get more wear out of them with proper care.

Can I use mascara on them?

Yes if you want a more voluminous look for your eyes you can use a mascara on them. This won't cause any damage to its quality.