Kinky Katana


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Kalani's 3D Mink Eyelashes are perfect if you want the ultimate, intense, sexy eyes look. For those that absolutely love the dramatic look our cruelty free 3D Mink strip lashes are full with clusters of lashes that vary in length. This combination provides a voluminous, textured, detailed look, and are extremely light weight. 

Kinky katana Lashes 2021

Kinky katana faux eyelashes can be naturally overlapped on your real eyelashes to give your eyes a bigger, brighter, and brilliant look. Put on these 3D long mink, which have clusters of lashes with variable length to give a full volume to your eyes. They are extremely light in weight and you won't even feel wearing anything on your eyes. So you will get a soft and comfortable and detailed eye look in your big event. These kinky katana eyelashes look perfect with medium or heavy makeup and give a glamorous natural look on every occasion. They can be trimmed to fit exactly to the contour of your eyes, so now you need not buy a mascara costing the earth. Feel free to buy these kinky katana eyelashes that would fit exactly to any shape of eyes. With a small price of $6.00, you can buy these kinky katana eyelashes to get an ultimate, voluminous, sexy eye look. Don't worry if you are a makeup novice you can still use these super lashes, as they are easy to use. If you keep it with proper care you can reuse them several times. These cruelty-free lashes can create a variety of looks for any of your events.



Do they weigh heavy on eyelids?

No, they are highly light in weight and super comfortable to wear for daily use and party wear.

Are these lashes cruelty-free?

Yes these are handmade cruelty free lashes with 100% real material.