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Bad hair days are days we tend to appreciate our wigs better! Sudden hair loss, need volume? Short-hair-tired, need extra length? Have a hair dream outside the reach of your own hair, need something new?  Almost all hair drama in general were easily ‘wigged’ away.


Today we have found better and improved solutions in hair extensions. The multiplied options however come with so many options, leaving women in indecisive states. XoXoKalani provides a guide to the right hair extension decision in this blog post.


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One major decision we have to make is whether to go with the clip-ins or tape-ins hair extension.

Did you know Clip-ins have been in existence for a long time? Its popularity however exploded again due to the recent DIY trends and YouTube “Get ready with me” videos. They are synthetic or human hair with wig clips attached at the weft so you can easily clip them in your hair and take them out in minutes.

You can make them out of your old left over hair extensions or buy them already made. They are perfect for creative people or people who enjoy being spontaneous with their hairstyles. All you have to do is part your hair and attach the clips between two pieces of your hair. Then brush them to make sure that none of the wefts are visible.

Tape-ins on the other hand are a more recent development, strongly advocated for by hairdressers. They come with adhesive tape at the base of the weft which sticks to your natural hair when installed. You can get single and double-sided tape, which is clear and transparent so nobody knows you are wearing extensions. This is a little more of a semi-permanent solution to your thin and short hair problems than clip-ins are.

This method should be done by a professional stylist; who will section your hair as a guide to where to place the extensions for your scalp comfort and hair safety. It normally takes less than two hours to complete.

Identifying the individual strengths and weaknesses of these extensions would help you decide easier. Xoxokalani has spelt the details all out for you to choose based on your defined desire and details you can work with.

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November 22, 2019 — Charmaine Cronin
5d Mink Lashes Cover Picture

5 Reasons our XoXoKalani 5D Mink Lashes Are For You


What are 5D Mink lashes?

5D Mink lashes are thick and gorgeous lashes that seamlessly integrate with your natural lashes to enhance the length, volume and look of your natural lashes.

Our 5D Mink lashes are so light, that you barely notice while wearing them. You get all the drama and beauty, and none of the extra weight on your eyelids.

More also they're perfect for everyone, especially ladies who have sparse eyelashes, or even those who just want the full dramatic effect of 5D lashes.

The unique ‘V’ shape design of our lashes helps you achieve that dramatic look you’re looking for without going over the top. The lashes seamlessly blend with your natural lashes, giving you a natural, seamless beauty finish.

If these still aren’t enough to convince you, here are five reasons why our 5D Mink lashes are a must have right now.

  • Kalani’s 5D Lashes are handmade

    Kalani’s 5D lashes are specially crafted by hand to ensure that each product has the most natural and unique look for every eye shape. With each caress of our 5D lashes on your cheek, you’ll know that our lashes were made with as much dedication and carefulness as possible.


  • Kalani's 5D Lashes provide a soft, fluffy, more dramatic look.

    Why do you wear false lashes if not for the drama? You haven’t touched the edges of drama if you haven’t tried our 5D lashes. Our 5D lashes are soft and fluffy, but that does not reduce the drama they dish out once they’re in use.


  • Kalani's Lashes are incredibly light weight

    Modern fashion has evolved, thankfully.

    The first public figure to wear flase lashes was Seena Owen in the 1916 film, Intolerance. Her co-star later wrote in her memoir that Owen came to the shoot one day with ridiculously swollen eyes.

    Thankfully, fashion has grown past heavy lashes that cause eye swelling. Kalani’s 5D lashes are steps further. The lashes are lightweight, without a glossy sheen so they have a natural and beautiful, dramatic look.

  • Kalani's Lashes blend perfectly with your natural lashes

    You don’t want to finish your makeup then have your false lashes sticking out separately from your natural lashes. Our lashes are ultra-fine and tapered. Hence, they have a beautiful curl that makes them blend in seamlessly with your natural lashes whenever you have them on.

  • Kalani's Lashes are very durable

    Kalani’s lashes get better with age. Our lashes can be re-worn up to twenty-five times. With proper maintenance and care, Kalani’s 5D lashes will serve you for a very long time.

November 22, 2019 — Charmaine Cronin
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How to keep your wig looking new every time you rock it

You need to invest time in washing, storing, and generally caring for your wig. If you love your wig, then your wig will love you.
November 22, 2019 — Charmaine Cronin
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Get Up To 25 Wears with Kalani's Kat Eyez Faux Mink Strip Lashes

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